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Once Cantlin articulates her non-dating philosophy, the questions inevitably come pouring in, be they from friends, or from a reporter. Are you really spending that time with the right person? But are there, perhaps, biological reasons to consider choosing a mate in youth? Far from it, says Cantlin.

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And here it helps to know what Cantlin thinks about child rearing. First off, she sees no hurry.

She plans to save some money to do just that as soon as next year, since younger eggs are healthier. She says she is freezing the eggs only in case she later meets a partner for whom a biological child is essential. For nine years, in Baltimore, she has volunteered, through a nonprofit, to oversee cases of children placed in the foster care system. Far from it, she says.

Why dating is a waste of time

You have send a few dozen to land something. This is no different. If you're interested in a serious relationship, don't you think it would be worth it to spend time looking for it? I do and I would. It's not a waste of time, you're just building momentum.

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Take it slow, date for a little while than stop for a while. I am not there yet as it relates to wanting a serious situation but it will not be hard to find someone that I could settle down with. I meet more women that are worthy than not. I think a lot of people make it so hard.

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Don't put any energy into this. Just let it flow naturally. Guys put way to much energy into "women". Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Especially when they get angry they sound like Alvin and the Chipmucks. Just amazes me how many blue pill men in general put up with it.

I tell this to my friends all the time. Not to mention dating is risky as hell these days for men with all the false rape accusations.

As far as being alone is concerned, I love being alone. Women these days are worthless.

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One night stands are about all I can stomach anymore. Feminism is a movement where opinions are presented as facts and emotions are presented as evidence.

It is as if manginas are running off of the exact same copy of bluepill. Yes, dating is a total waste of time. I told her it was a total waste of my time.

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Even trolling for one night stands is a pain in the ass. I do like being alone very early in the morning though. There ARE different types of women around. Look at who they come from: If they come from people like in Fargo the good guys , they can be ok to hang out with for a while. When I have some, I'll let you know. Hell, even the tradcon women are like that. At least the younger ones are anyway. Ever seen Megan Kelly from Fox news? If two people are attracted to each other they should hook up, end of story.

The concept of dating is like a never ending job interview. In regards to women, how many teeth must one break before realizing there is no meat on the bone? I just see dating as an expensive drain of my hard-earned cash…. Post menopausal women can be fun.